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About Us

Belhaven Holidays is a tourism destination management company based in India. Belhaven refers to the philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices to provide prompt and quality services with complete guest satisfaction.We envisage to combine expert travel management with a deep sense of involvement and dedication in accomplishing our prime business objectives.We provide tour services that are completely customizable according to the client’s preferences, emphasizing on reliable travel at budget friendly prices. Each time a client travel with us, our relation goes beyond just the journey and translates it to an extended family of BELHAVEN, they make new trips, recommend us to a relative, friend, neighbour. Further, this moves to a new dimension which is not to be reduced as customer relations as generally termed by many. We take immense pride in this extended family of ours. BELHAVEN engage considerable time to refine, filter our tour packages to achieve better and evolve to the next best and arrive at a smart price. Each year this exercise is carried out diligently for redefining inclusions. BELHAVEN HOLIDAYS was founded by Mr. Anu Ranjith and Mrs. Sangeetha R.S in 2018 and within a short span of time, became one of the most sought-after travel companies in Kerala. It gained widespread recognition in the mind of guests. We have an outstanding team, knowledgeable, skilled, experienced capable of handling the business with ease and with a sense of care all-inclusive care- through all stages of the journey and beyond. This fuels BELHAVEN forward, successfully, year after year. Come, Experience the family bonding of BELHAVEN HOLIDAYS as its caption says- BEYOND WORDS…! would adorn your travel diaries with colourful memories. Belhaven Holidays aims to build a strong reputation around its inbound and outbound tour business, servicing destinations within India and abroad, always upgrading service standards to meet evolving global quality standards.




Meet & Assist Service

An effortless, fast and hassle free escort VIP personal escorted service between the 'plane door and the car door. For arriving, departing and connecting travellers.


Belhaven Holidays offers specialist MICE services that create a lasting impression for every meeting, incentive, conference or other event.

Visa & Documentation

We take care of all kind of Non-Immigration visa including : Tourist, Business, Professional, Student etc.

Car & Coach Rental

Belhaven Holidays opens a very romantic passage to India by travelling through cars. It offers standard cars or coaches on rent with quality services and trained drivers.